How Can A DUI Affect Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

Your arrest for DUI extends beyond the jail cell or courtroom. It can affect your workers compensation claim. A DUI can also make it difficult to find a job in the career field in which you are interested.

You may be required to report your DUI arrest to a professional licensing bureau. These boards license nurses, lawyers and plumbers, among other professions. Failing to report your arrest to the licensing agency of your state puts you at risk of losing your license, meaning you cannot work. This may hinder the smooth process of a workers comp claim and may require the assistance of a DUI defense professional. Not to mention your credibility, which will probably be in shams after a … Read More


Tips On Avoiding An Injury At Work

There are many different methods on how you can avoid being a victim of a workers compensation claim. Small firms may find the growing payments of workers compensation premiums a difficulty. For this reason, it is good to look for ways that will help the employer avoid employee injuries at work. Here are some ways that you can avoid getting injured at work.

Prioritize safety. You can rotate schedules or tasks to prevent repetitive stress problems. This will also take away the boredom from routine jobs and make employees more interested in their jobs. Providing work breaks will also help. According to workers comp attorney, Kenton Koszdin, federal law does not require lunch or coffee breaks so it is … Read More


How To Request A Restraining Order For Domestic Violence

Restraining orders are legal orders – which are issued by a state court. They require that one person stops harming another or face legal consequences. The Mansouri Law Offices convey that restraining orders are particularly used in domestic violence cases. This type of abuse can include physical assault against a person’s body such as hitting, slapping, punching or kicking.

How To Request A Restraining Order For Domestic Violence

Susan Rosen, expert divorce attorney in San Diego, CA, states that these victims are usually harassed by the criminal even after they have abandoned them and no longer live in the same household. A restraining order will prohibit the criminal from going anywhere near the victim. This is important if threats … Read More


Protecting Your Loved Ones Through Estate Planning

If anyone has ever been immortal they have kept it a well-guarded secret, because that just isn’t how the life cycle works. Part of this cycle includes taxes and death and it is inevitable. Having established the fact that you will die, it only makes sense to start preparing now, for unforeseen events and tragedies that can leave everyone devastated should you have an untimely death. Having adequate protection for those you love is protecting their welfare from the grave through extensive estate planing . Without estate planning, your survivors could see strangers take what was meant for them and this is would be an especially sad day for your family and loved ones.

You will need to document your … Read More

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